Financial Planning
Investment Management

  • Financial Planning for tomorrow

    We help you today to plan & invest for tomorrow. Financial planning ensures a secure financial future and a comfortable retirement. Taking control of your finances and working towards a better tomorrow is essential. With expertise and years of experience, Eric J. Linger helps you navigate the complex world of investment and financial planning.

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  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement planning is one of the most important financial tasks you’ll face in your lifetime. It’s crucial to have a plan in place that ensures you’ll be financially secure. With proper planning, you can avoid difficult financial situations during your retirement years. We help you to be financially secure, both before and after retirement.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning is a complex and deeply personal process. It requires careful consideration of one’s financial and personal affairs and a deep understanding of the ever-changing legal and tax landscape. We work closely with your attorney and CPA and support you in your meetings with them.

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