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We manage your money based on your objectives, not just your age.

  • What is a fiduciary?
A fiduciary cannot accept any commissions and they must be totally independent so they can always do what is best for you, without conflicts of interest.

  • My advisor works for a large firm.  Is he a fiduciary?
Even if he calls himself an "advisor", anyone who accepts commissions or is not independent is not a fiduciary.

  • How is Sherwood Investment Services SIS Compensated?
Our compensation is based solely on the value of your portfolio.  When your portfolio grows, we both benefit.

  • What should I look for in selecting an investment manager?
Extensive knowledge accumulated from many years of experience.

  • Anything else I should I look for in selecting an investment manager?
Trust is most important.  They should be a fiduciary, disclose all costs without being asked, have an excellent reputation, and clearly communicate their strategy.

  • Who are your clients?
Most of our clients are very successful people.  They do not have the time or resources to manage their wealth and need an experienced wealth manager they trust.

  • What type of investments are used?
We use only investments with which you are comfortable.  For most of our clients, this means mutual funds, ETFs, individual bonds, and stocks.  See Investment Choices for a full list of options.

  • How often do you report performance?
Your account positions, transactions, and fees are updated daily and can be viewed on-line at our web site.  A written statement is sent to you monthly unless you wish to receive only Email statements.

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