How we are Unique


Our business is structured so that everything we do is in your best interests.

  1. Serving Clients Through all Kinds of Markets - Extensive Experience

    Through both bull and bear markets over 20 years, Sherwood Investment Services had helped investors achieve their financial goals.

  2. Focus on You and Your Interests

    Sherwood Investment Services has specific fiduciary responsibilities not required of stock brokers.  We are required to always do what is in your best interest.

  3. Personalized Service with Team Support

    You receive one-on-one personalized service of a small firm with the support services of a large firm since we work with an expert team of CPAs and estate attorneys.

  4. Personalized Portfolios

    Your objectives are unique.  Therefore, your investment strategy and portfolio will be unique.

  5. Quality Analysis

    Rigorous analysis along with many years of investment experience is used to select the best investments to help you achieve your objectives.

  6. Socially Responsible

    We can show you attractive investments in socially and environmentally responsible companies.

  7. Frequent Communication

    We stay in touch with you, keep you informed, and are available for you when you need us.  We return all calls the same day.

  8. Understandable Communication

    We simplify complex topics by using understandable language.  We want you to understand our recommendations and explanations.


And No. 11:  No commissions , so no conflicts of interest.


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Eric Linger, dba Sherwood Investment Services, is a registered investment advisor in the State of Washington and New Jersey. The advisor transacts business only in states where it is appropriately registered or exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.



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